About Us

    Dottie Dormouse  
I'm Naomi (aka Dottie Dormouse) and I love crafting and creating.

My family grew up in a way that resembled the 70's family sitcom 'The Goodlife'! We kept a variety of animals, grew our own vegetables, baked our own bread. Mum made some of our clothes Dad collected driftwood logs for our fires.  Being this close to nature our childhood allowed our imaginations to run free, we learned to make do and think outside the box.

We were encouraged to explore our creative sides through music, art and crafts and as we grew up we have continued along our different creative pathways. Over the years our family has expanded and more creative people have joined our tribe!

I love to crochet, weave and felt and have been dabbling a bit with art.  My partner Don is our resident artist, when he is isn't in work you can finding him drawing and painting in a variety of mediums.

My idea of home is somewhere warm, cosy and inviting, but reflect our indivual personalities.  So whether you are looking for artwork, accessories, clothing or soft furnishings I'm sure we have a gift to compliment you and your home.

Naomi xx